Hello! I am Leanna. I am a recent college graduate and Expert Crafty Lady living in a little house by the sea with my boyfriend Joey. Together, we like to make things, brew things, explore things, and grow things. I love to forage the interwebs and real life for all things beautiful. Packaging, design, fashion, homes, prints, plants, paper, photos: these are things that make me very excited! Other things I'm excited about are the mountains, the sea, desert landscapes, weaving, painting, listening, collecting, traveling, not eating out of plastic, and flowers.

Scout and Gather is my place to collect and share design inspiration, beautiful things, and lovely bits of my daily being.

In addition to Scout and Gather....

*My brand new Etsy shop, Parcel Mint, is now open!*
Parcel (as in a package) Mint (as in print & as in fresh) is my first foray into stationary and print making. Please stop by the shop {parcelmint.etsy.com} and have a look! I am always introducing new items and update the shop regularly. Currently: get excited for geometric, asymmetrical, and nature-inspired prints on postcards, cards, and mini-journals.