Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Samhain

Halloween is a big deal in my house. And to celebrate what is without a doubt my favorite holiday, I will be dressing up as either a fortune teller or a blackbird (most likely to be decided very last minute as I get dressed later) and haunting the streets and the dance floor. I also have a few rituals/ fun chants planned. What will your festivities include? 

Original art by Charmaine Olivia. So spooky and beautiful! See more of her work here.

Wishing you all a safe and magical night!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Witch Wants

Now that I am part of the Etsy community, I have discovered the dangerous art of the treasury list. This is basically yet another form of cyber-hoarding, as I like to call it. Similarly to pinterest, you can "favorite" items from other shops and add them to your list of wants. Then you can create curated sets of beautiful things and name them something catchy, and everyone else can then see and covet your treasury list. It's madness. And what makes it so dangerous is that it is ALL ready to be purchased with just a few clicks! Above are some of my current favorites from Etsy. Clearly I am feeling a little witchy...

Find these gorgeous treasures:

1. Raw Amethist Dream Catcher from Perpetumobile.
2. Triple Crescent Necklace from Laurel Hill.
3. Geometric Bird  from Geometric Ink.
4. Vintage Brass Cauldron Planter from Shaving Kit Supplies.
5. Sunburst Cuff Bracelet from Laurel Hill.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washington Part III

The second half of our trip was quite possibly our favorite part. We left the hustle and bustle of Seattle for the calm waters and tall trees of the San Juan Islands, where we stayed with Joey's sister and her family and soaked up enough kiddie-cuteness to last us until our next visit! But seriously, Joey is one proud uncle and his niece and nephew are pretty special! It was so wonderful to spend some quality time with them in their own element. Orcas Island is beyond beautiful and is home to a very unique and rootsy island culture, I'm talking farm stands where you can purchase fresh eggs and honey on the honor system and less than ten minute drives to the wilderness. It was magical. 

Prepare yourself now for lots of pictures!

The ferry ride to the island was gorgeous. 

The weather was perfect for hanging out on the deck and taking it all in. 

It was just a little windy. 

As soon as we got there it was time to play! 

Uncle Joey is a pretty funny guy!

We went on an adventure every day to magical places like this.

Such a sweet and beautiful family!  

Joey got woodsy.

This was a secret beach where we saw a bald eagle. 


A view from above the clouds. 

Our last adventure to Doe Bay, a rustic-resort and hot springs. You can stay in a room or in a yurt!

The mystical bay. 

Rose and the kids after our delicious meal. 

A mossy roof next to the cafe. 

Exploring the little seating areas. 
Does it get any cuter??

The answer is yes! Even more cuteness on the ferry boat. 

Sadly, we had to say goodbye! We spent our last day with friends in Bellingham who took us to see their favorite waterfall and said farewell for now to sights like these.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Parcel Mint is OPEN!

Happy Birthday to my brand new shop on Etsy... Parcel Mint!!!
It is brand spankin new and I couldn't be more excited! There is more to come in the near future and I will keep my lovely readers up to date as I continue to stock my cyber shelves. I plan to add to the shop often, so be sure to check back. Let me know what you think! 

Click here to visit Parcel Mint on easy! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Throw. Wear. Read.

I'm taking a short break from Washington trip posts today, and I will be finishing those up next week.
For now, I am loving October and its magical, mystical spook! Witches have always been special to me, and I especially love that October allows for a lot more hocus pocus than any other month. At the top of my current wish list are these amazing tarot cards from The Wild Unknown. Each card of the major and minor arcana is an original drawing by the artist, Kim Krans, embodying the mystery and charm of the card. They are worthy of frames! But I would encourage you to read them instead. Specifically with some close friends while wearing that gorgeous velvety number by free people. So gather all of your near and dear for a twinkly October backyard dinner fete and after your meal break out the tarot cards. My guess is that even the skeptics will ask for a reading. 
(Gorgeous dinner party via Honestly WTF)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Washington Part II

After Bellingham and Fairhaven Joey and I hopped on a bus to Seattle. It's amazing how much you can do in a day while on vacation. Now that we are home it seems like the day is over as soon as it starts. In fact, I am pretty convinced that time actually slowed down while we walked and bussed and monorailed all around the city. 
Here are a few highlights...

We said goodbye to Bellingham.

Joey and I at Bellingham Bay.

The adorable town of Fairhaven.

That night we arrived in Seattle and were greeted by this at sunset.

We woke up very early and took an obligatory tourist trip up the space needle. 

Then we wandered around Pike's Place market.

So much seafood!

And so many beautiful flowers and veggies!

The gum wall was a little gross... 
We went to the Capitol Hill neighborhood for lunch and had the most delicious greek food at a little place called Byzantion

Pictures with Jimi outside of a giant Blic art supply store where I could have wandered for hours.

We took the bus to Fremont, and were literally dropped off at the front door of this amazing music store. 

Joey in his happy place. They let you play any instrument you want! 

The Fremont Troll. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Washington Part 1

I'm back! And I am still coming down off of a euphoric travel high after spending ten magical days in the forested Pacific Northwest. Joey and I managed to truly make the most out of every day of our vacation and we saw and did more things than I even thought possible. I feel renewed, relaxed, inspired, and full of love and appreciation. 
I know there are like a million jokes about how boring it is to look at other people's travel photos, but I seriously feel like mine are the exception, so get ready for a few days of Washington posts. Today I offer you Part 1, in which Joey showed me around his old stomping grounds of Bellingham and Fairhaven.  

On the first morning we woke up to sunshine and were treated to homemade waffles and whipped cream by Rhys, who we stayed with. 

Berries grow wild everywhere and they taste like candy. 

This is the backyard at Rhys' community living house called Taliesan. 

One of the many, many coffee shops that we visited during our trip.

Happy girl with coffee! In front of a quirky Fairhaven eatery.

I couldn't get over this adorable town and the turning leaves.
I made a friend.

Joey took me up to Western Washington University's arboretum which and we explored the magical forest. 

Everything is green and beautiful! 

Joey the Forest Man kicking up some leaves. 

After a day's worth of exploring Joey took us on  a very long walk to this park right on the water.

Travel buddies.