Thursday, October 18, 2012

Washington Part II

After Bellingham and Fairhaven Joey and I hopped on a bus to Seattle. It's amazing how much you can do in a day while on vacation. Now that we are home it seems like the day is over as soon as it starts. In fact, I am pretty convinced that time actually slowed down while we walked and bussed and monorailed all around the city. 
Here are a few highlights...

We said goodbye to Bellingham.

Joey and I at Bellingham Bay.

The adorable town of Fairhaven.

That night we arrived in Seattle and were greeted by this at sunset.

We woke up very early and took an obligatory tourist trip up the space needle. 

Then we wandered around Pike's Place market.

So much seafood!

And so many beautiful flowers and veggies!

The gum wall was a little gross... 
We went to the Capitol Hill neighborhood for lunch and had the most delicious greek food at a little place called Byzantion

Pictures with Jimi outside of a giant Blic art supply store where I could have wandered for hours.

We took the bus to Fremont, and were literally dropped off at the front door of this amazing music store. 

Joey in his happy place. They let you play any instrument you want! 

The Fremont Troll. 

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