Friday, October 26, 2012

Witch Wants

Now that I am part of the Etsy community, I have discovered the dangerous art of the treasury list. This is basically yet another form of cyber-hoarding, as I like to call it. Similarly to pinterest, you can "favorite" items from other shops and add them to your list of wants. Then you can create curated sets of beautiful things and name them something catchy, and everyone else can then see and covet your treasury list. It's madness. And what makes it so dangerous is that it is ALL ready to be purchased with just a few clicks! Above are some of my current favorites from Etsy. Clearly I am feeling a little witchy...

Find these gorgeous treasures:

1. Raw Amethist Dream Catcher from Perpetumobile.
2. Triple Crescent Necklace from Laurel Hill.
3. Geometric Bird  from Geometric Ink.
4. Vintage Brass Cauldron Planter from Shaving Kit Supplies.
5. Sunburst Cuff Bracelet from Laurel Hill.

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