Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Journal Writing

For the past few years (more like five!) I have been keeping a journal. Sometimes I write frequently and other times my poor journal sits neglected for weeks at a time. But usually it takes me about a year to fill one with writing, drawings, pictures, paintings, pressed flowers, special things, scraps of paper. I love to look through them now, each with a very distinct character that reflects a specific time in my life. They are so precious to me in fact that when I moved out of my parents' house and left my finished journals behind I told both of them that if there was a fire and they had to scramble to save certain things that they should please grab those first. 

To me, journal time is calming and grounding. It means pens and tape and coffee. 

A favorite pinner of mine, Rowena Murillo, has an entire pin board dedicated to art journals that is easily one of my most loved corners of the internet. The colors and textures are so rich and it is impossible to leave without finding some inspiration. I found these journals there. Go have a look!

While I am very attached to my journaling habits, I do love the idea of an alternative journal. How beautiful is the night sky journal entry?! I love the idea of cataloging a daily observation about something like the sky, a tree, or the ocean. Perhaps without words, like the blue illustration. Or what about that stack of receipts? That would be a really unique way to remember something like a home renovation and could double as funky decor when the house is complete. The crafty folks at Design Sponge came up with the little basket of index cards and I love that it can be made using recycled materials and then kept on the kitchen counter to be written by an entire household or family as a collaboration. 

Sometimes all it takes to inspire a journaling frenzy are a few new supplies to spice things up. Watercolor paints and these washi tapes from TheSewingPost on Etsy are my go-to for holding little pictures, papers, and plants. And while it might not look like much, the Pilot G2 pen is hands down my favorite writing utensil. It's inky and smooth and is inexpensive enough for me to be ok with losing it all the time. And as for the journal itself, it might not be very original or exciting but I always use a Moleskine. They are well-made and convenient, and the simple black cover will never go out of style. 

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