Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seasoned: an online and print mag worth reading!

Sometimes I read trash. As in completely useless, superficial, empty crap that does nothing for me but somehow sucks me in. It could be a tabloid magazine or a silly blog, or those yahoo news articles that are like "Celebrity Learns of Her Own Divorce on Twitter." Totally devoid of any nutritional value for my mind, but such a guilty pleasure. 
Other times I read something so full, so packed with useful information and inspiring ideas, that I want to read it over and over and I actually miss it when I'm done. I have a feeling that Seasoned, a digital and print magazine written by a group of totally rootsy and amazing homesteading women/bloggers, will be one of these that feeds my spirit. It is published quarterly and includes an abundance of recipes, articles on living in a healthful and conscious way, homesteading in various environments and living situations, and tips for being in touch and in tune with the seasons! Doesn't that sound like a great read?! And it is all written and photographed and assembled and dreamt up by a group of inspiring people who really live what they write. 

Today one of the creators of Seasoned is hosting a giveaway on her blog and the winner will get two issues of Seasoned and a handful of other goodies that could each merit their own blog posts. I'm entering and I've got all my finger and toes crossed for this one. Wish me luck friends! 

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