Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Scarf Love and a shop with a name like mine

Do you ever think of an original idea and then see it somewhere else? At first you're like wait what?! That's my idea! And then you realize that a) it's either so good that someone else brilliant thought of it orrrr b) it needs some reevaluation. Well that happened to me recently when I came across a fabulous Etsy shop with the name Scout and Catalogue. Umm hello, shop with a twin name to my blog's name. How did I miss you when I was making up my blog name and googling like a madwoman to make sure it wasn't taken? 
After my initial mineminemine reaction I have decided that a shop and blog can have almost the same name because they are completely different things, and it doesn't hurt that this shop has me drooling all over my computer... That blue wool/silk scarf?? YES. 

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