Friday, February 1, 2013

Little Love Gifts

Oh hey, February! How nice of you to finally join us. Obviously we all know that Valentine's Day is right around the corner and in honor of this month of looooove I thought I'd start a little series of DIY posts centered around small tokens and gestures of love and appreciation to spread those lovin' feelings all around. 
This one is for the birds.
Whether you craft a lot or just a little bit, chances are you end up with scraps. Scraps of paper, yarn, thread... my desk (and the floor around it, and the bottom of my socks) is often covered in little bits and pieces of this or that and I like to gather it up from time to time and donate it to the architectural pursuits of my feathered friends. Come nesting season those little threads and yarns will make the perfect addition to a bird nest near you! And when lovingly packaged this makes an adorable little gift for a bird-loving friend. 
As far as DIY's go, this one is so easy. Just gather your little scraps, a small vessel of some kind (I used a tiny envelope), and some fancy pens or stamps. I labeled the outside of the envelope "nesting materials" and noted that it is intended "for bird friends." Then, I added a simple branch stamp that I carved by hand. Now just add your nesting bits and you are ready to give a gift that will keep on giving! All the recipient needs to do is place the nesting materials outside and wait for the birds to make their selections. 

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  1. Reading this post was like getting a hug. So warm and sweet and a small gift to the universe. I love it!