Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Note to a Pal

During a recent visit to Cost Plus World Market I came across these little mints that my friends and I were obsessed with while we were in Amsterdam during our Spanish year abroad. I grabbed a few boxes and planned on mailing them, and what better time than now in the form of a sweet little valentine?!
This little DIY is great for any small boxed candy and the double-wrap job makes it totally mail-able, so  if your pals live far and wide just slap a stamp on it! 

Begin by folding your envelope from the bottom so that it is the same width as your candy box. This will make it so that the card can be wrapped inside of the package in case you plan on mailing it. Secure the folded end with tape, leaving the flap free. Personalize your tag and tuck it into the envelope. Add confetti hearts. 

Secure the envelope with some fancy tape to keep all that confetti inside, and then decorate the front with a little something too. Now wrap your candy box in a layer of tissue. I like the mint color for some contrast. 

Now place the card on top of the box and wrap the pair in the outer wrapping. Secure the ends with pretty tape and then add a twine bow.

If you are sending it through the mail, now is the time to adhere your address label and stamps. I decided to place the whole box in a glassine envelope and adhere the addresses to that so that my bow would be tucked inside. Otherwise, just skip the bow because it might get caught in the robotic arm of the postal center. Part of the fun is seeing the surprise and delight of the postperson when they ship this festive little love note for you. Imagine how boring white envelopes get 8 hours a day! 

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